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    • Tara Ward's Testimonial
      Quinton Culen playing with blocks

      Tara Ward's Testimonial

      Quinton Culen playing with blocks

      Good Day,

      “I have been meaning to send this email for several months now but life with a toddler (i.e. Quinton Culen) is extremely hectic. I figure it’s better late than never.

      Generally I have always been pleased with the daycare, specifically the care and education the staff provide for Quinton on a daily basis. Over the last couple of months I have noticed numerous improvements within the facility and program and I am really pleased with all of the changes that are taking place.

      Quinton loved when his photo was first posted above his locker, and he often talks about his friends while we look at their photos posted on the wall. It is super nice to put a face to a name when Quinton talks about his friends at home, it is also very nice to see the photos of the kids participating in the various activities.

      In addition, we enjoy reading the daily reports in the new notebooks. We try to remember to bring them home every Friday to complete the activity page over the weekend. I think this builds a stronger relationship between the families and the staff. I can often ask Quinton about his daily leveraging the notes recorded by staff. I think this was an AWESOME idea and Quinton is so proud of his “cahier” and his completed activity pages.

      Lastly I have also noticed and number of other improvements to the facility itself (for example:  the new fence and play area out front). I think that those responsible for implementing these changes and making them happened should be recognized for their efforts. I can imagine these types of initiatives are not easy to implement, but as a parent I recognize the efforts, the costs, and most importantly the benefits they bring to my son.

      Simply said, I am grateful for these recent improvements and look forward to what might be in store over the next year.

      Of course, I happy to discuss as required.”

      Tara Ward, Quinton Culen’s Mom
    • « Mon enfant reçoit une excellente éducation dans un milieu plein d’amour et de respect. Les valeurs du Centre Éducatif Providence sont merveilleuses et le personnel est formidable. En plus, la propreté et la qualité de la nourriture sont irréprochables. Je ne placerai ma fille nulle part ailleurs.»

      Lamia Charlebois
    • « Nous admirons le souci d’excellence et la vision éducative du Centre Éducatif Providence ;
      une vision qui se veut large, lumineuse et créative.»

      Mère Agathe Gratton
    • « L’Éducation est une œuvre d’amour et d’espérance. Au Centre Éducatif Providence, nous voulons éduquer à la vie.»

      Sr. Félicité Daou
    • « Travailler à la Providence me donne des opportunités stimulantes dans le domaine de l’éducation préscolaire. Les valeurs enseignées, les méthodes utilisées sont le reflet d’une éducation préscolaire remplie d’amour, de respect, de diversité et d’harmonie. Être entourée de professionnelles qui ont à cœur leur carrière, c’est très motivant. »

      Jacynthe Bergeron